What are Wild Card Entries?

Wild Card Entries are music selections that are made by the filmmaker, and thus not listed amongst the competition’s pre-sanctioned repertoire. These entries are allowed because we realize that you may already have a classical piece of music in mind that you would like to use in your film.

The Sight of Sound competition focuses on classical musical repertory that can be performed by a traditional chamber or symphony orchestra, however, Wild Card music selections may also include works written for chamber ensemble, including trios, quartets, quintets, and the like. Synthesized recordings (or recordings that utilize electronic, non-acoustic instruments) are not allowed.

For a variety of reasons, Wild Card Entries can be complicated, so please review the guidelines on this page, and submit a Wild Card Request to have your music pre-approved before you create and submit your film. We strive to respond to all Wild Card Requests within one business day.

Why do Wild Card Entries need to be pre-approved?

Before your music can be accepted, we need to verify that:

  • sheet music and a performance license can be purchased or rented for the performance of your score
  • the placeholder recording you will use is acceptable, and within mainstream performance practice
  • your choice of music is a good fit when performed instead of, or in addition to, the pre-sanctioned Music Selections

Follow the link below to submit a Wild Card Request, and we will do the homework for you. We will research your program, consider its requirements, and give you a quick “yea” or “nay” as to whether your independent choice of music can be accommodated.

One More Thing About Wild Card Entries…

Unlike films that are submitted to our pre-selected music, the fact that you are selecting your own music ensures, in all likelihood, that your film will be the only one that we receive for your particular music selection. The orchestra will only perform your music selection if your film advances to screening as a Finalist. Therefore, we will only be able to provide an audio recording which you may synchronize to your film if you are selected as a Finalist.

Wild Card Entries are neither at an advantage or disadvantage during the selection process. Our Jury will be choosing from all of the films we receive in order to piece together a concert program that features the most outstanding films.

Richard McKay Conducts Dallas Chamber Symphony Sight of Sound
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