La folía

By Adam Grannick


La Folía is a visual anthology of twenty-four short stories, from the imaginations of over a dozen different people and all inspired by variations on the same ancient melody. The thematic story that links La Folía’s stories begins and ends the film, returning its protagonist full circle, yet changed. Key credits include, Director: Adam Grannick, Writer: Elliott Forrest, Renana Fox, Elana Estrin, Sanaz Ghajar, Rich Johnson, Cheryl Krugel-Lee, Mickey Lewitter, Erin E. McGuff, David Schaum, Adriana Spencer, Producer: Adriana Spencer.

The Swan

By Jono Eshleman


A single woman searches for purpose in a confusing and coupled world. Cast: Megan Caton, Madelyn Murphy, Cooper Wise, Cinematographer: Brandon Mattingly, Director/Writer/Producer: Jono Eshleman.

Journey to the Moon

By Tom Rasky

While desperately attempting a journey to the most beautiful moon he has ever seen, Hibou the owl finds his true love. Director/Producer: Tom Rasky, Chris Monson, A People Uncounted, Inc.

Recesses of Heart

By James Froeschle

Shot on Super 8 film, Recesses of Heart tells the story of a female skater and the short time her path crosses with a little girl. Although these two are happy spending their time in their own ways, one skating; one playing with what she can find in the concrete ditch behind her house, a small gesture of kindness from the skater to the child, might just be the act of empathy that can change a life. Director/Writer/Producer: James Froeschle, Producer: Nate Locklear, Ashley Sullivan, Cast: Hannah McFarland, Samantha Sicchia, Cinematography: Nate Locklear.

The Jog

Ian Ginsberg

A young woman in love with life has her perspective changed after a tragic encounter in the park. Director: Ian Ginsberg Director, Cast: Alex Fessler, Henry Packer, Director of Photography: Rebert Riemer.


By Annika K. Horne

A skilled warrior seduces the wife of a noble count and his punishment is extreme. Writer/Director: Annika Horne, Director: Weatherly Sawyer, Producer: Melanie Vincente.

Once a Swan

By Anna Boyter

This film follows the stories of several brides on their wedding days. Director: Bear Hands Media Group, Producers: Anna Boyter, Katie Hill, Justin Herring. Brian Boyter.

Dietary Confinement

By Jonathan Goff

A man debates whether or not weight loss will bring him happiness. Writer/Director: Jonathan Goff.

Stuck in Limbo

Ibrahim Mpiana

Trapped in the realm of Purgatory, a homeless man must accept the reality of passing on. Director/Writer/Producer: Ibrahim Mpiana, Producer: Jessica, Cast: Jessie Grider, Kaylee Killingsworth, Camera Operators: Jessica Flores, Joseph Tesfaye, Christian Fuller. Other key credits include Hien Dihn, Joseph Ruiz, Chris Turpin.

Ludwigsburg Sinfonie

By Marcel Wehn

In the 1920s the silent film “Berlin: Symphony of a City” by Walther Ruttmann became world famous. 90 years later an experimental silent film, using identical techniques, has been produced about the Swabian town of Ludwigsburg. The result of 12 months’ filming is an entirely unique interpretation on the theme “city”, told exclusively through images and accentuated by a specially composed orchestral soundtrack. Director: Marcel When, Writer: Wolfgang Kerber, Producer: Thomas Schadt.

Fault Lines

By Mandy Wong

An experimental film. The director writes: “As I walk through the city at night, I only see in neon.” Director: Mandy Wong.


By Hugh Karr

A young man leaves the country to make a home for himself in the city. Key credits include, Writer/ Director: Hugh Karr, Cast: Mollie Chandler, Hugh Karr.

Le Reverence

Shawn Foulks

A girl who loves to dance struggles to continue her passion because of an obstacle. Director/Writer/Producer: Shawn Foulks, Producer: Dhawn Foulks, Jerrod Collins, Amiya Cleveland, Cast: Jordan Collins, Jade Burrows, Jerrod Collins, Doug Watts, Feilicia Green.

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