By Jade Small


The daughter of a single father falls in love with painting and art, but her father is unable to fully appreciate her work because of his colorblindness. Sophomore at New York University’s Film and Television Program. She has had films screened at the Denver Film Festival, Tisch 48 Hour Film Festival and Voices Women’s Film Festival. Key credits include, Director: Jade Small, Writer: Jade Small, Producer: Jennifer Coates, Cast: Evie Thompson, Nicholas de Kwiatkowski, Agatha Witthorne.

Food Fight

By Aparna Hegde


Two gentlemen engage in a duel. Who will emerge victorious? Aparna Hegde is an animator and illustrator from Bengaluru in South India, who enjoys creating characters and experimenting with narratives and storytelling techniques within the themes of fantasy and nature. She primarily works with digital media, pencil and paper, and watercolours.


By Lili Gu

A scientist studies romance in a chimpanzee laboratory. Lili Gu is a filmmaker focused on exploring the human condition. She has backgrounds in narrative, documentary, and experimental filmmaking, and loves to apply principles from each to her work. Lili received her B.S. and M.S. in Applied Mathematics from the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, and her M.F.A. in Film Production and Directing from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. Key credits include, Director: Lili Gu, Producers: Lili Gu, Kathia Sanchez-Aldana, Cast: Anne Butler, Matthew Peridis.


By Margaret To

“Bloom” is an animation piece that takes us on a musical journey as we follow the heartbeat of an awakening forest. Margaret To is a multimedia motion artist based in Los Angeles. She graduated from University of Southern California in Animation & Digital Arts. Her work has been screened at multiple international film festivals. With a deep passion for motion design, she continues to explore visual storytelling through animation, music and video projections.

Zero Sum

Rebecca Shenfeld

“All the people perceived the thunder and the lightning flashes and the sound of the trumpet and the mountain smoking; and when the people saw it, they trembled and stood at a distance.” Having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Film/Animation/Video, Rebecca Shenfeld, is an interdisciplinary artist that creates mesmerizing animations and visuals with lush layers of mixed media. Key credits include, Director/Writer/Producer/Cast: Rebecca Shenfeld.

Missed Perspectives

By Tom Fields

A shy artist falls for a boy who doesn’t even see her. Little does she know that she’ll be seeing a lot of him. Key credits include, Director: Tom Fields, Writer: Alex Hanson, Producers: Razieme Iborra, Rogelio Martinez, Cast: Dan Nguyen, Alejandro Cervantes.


By Michael Vitz-Wong

A worker gets off a long day’s work.  Michael Vitz-Wong is a radical socialist and a filmmaker from Seattle, WA. When not in the streets fighting for the rights of the working class, he can be found making socially conscious films or watching soccer. He is currently a junior at Emerson College where he majors in Cinematography.  Key credits include, Director: Michael Vitz-Wong, Cast: C. P. Boyd, Colorist: Jamey Russel, 1st AC: Matthew Chauby, Grips: Simon Gibson-Penrose, Alan Orozco.


By Nathan Coffing

A woman realizes that something is terribly, terribly wrong in her beautiful, scenic life.  Nathan Coffing is a cinematographer and filmmaker originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, currently studying at Emerson College in Boston. Key credits include, AC, Key Grip: Sophia, Gaffe: Lachlan Towle, Cast: Victoria Finch Jamieson.

Time Crunch

H. Paul Moon

“Time Crunch” is a visual collaboration with composer Jordan Kuspa, set to the music of his same-named score. The landscape/environmental footage came together slowly over two years of travel that included Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nevada, Russia and Denmark. Key credits include, Director: H. Paul Moon, Composer: Jordan Kuspa.

Routine (Reversed)

By Jabari Canada

Jabari Canada is a senior at Emerson College, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual and Media Arts. In his art practice, Jabari uses his skills in cinematography to create documentaries. Within film production, Jabari focuses on anthropological cinema, with the goal of capturing the stories of marginalized or displaced communities that are often overlooked by mainstream media. Key credits include, Cast: Patrick Lynch.


By Aliaga, Alonso, Gomar

A strange character will find a mysterious ark safely kept during centuries. The ark keeps the legacy of a lost civilization highly advanced technologically. Key credits include, Directors: Adolfo Aliaga, Jordi Alonso, Joan Gomar, Writer: Adolfo Aliaga, Jordi Alonso, Joan Gomar, Producer: Moonkey Animation, Composer: Manel Gil-Inglada.


By Rachel Woods

Introspection allows me to look deeply inside myself, to open my heart and make tangible the feelings within. Rachel Woods is a senior at Emerson College studying film production with an emphasis in Cinematography. Key credits include, Camera Operator: Bridget Kiernan.

Teddy’s Bear

Caitlin Brown

A little boy sneaks downstairs after his bedtime to rescue his teddy bear. Caitlin Brown is a senior cinematography major at Emerson College. In her free time she enjoys cooking, composing music to play on her harp and playing paintball. Key credits include, Gaffer: Christopher Dawkins, 1st AC: Asena Balci.


By Christopher Lewis Dawkins

An exploration of life in forgotten items. Christopher Lewis Dawkins is a visual artist born and raised in Rockaway Beach, N.Y., currently based in Boston. Through video and photography, he explores the disconnect within human relationships, representation informed by society, and emotional expression. He aims to make the invisible visible and show beauty in the simple things.


By Arianna Cadeddu

“Restless” explores the relationship between nature and industry within an urban center. The juxtaposition between these two aspects illustrates environmental destruction cause by humans. Arianna Cadeddu is a Junior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where she studies theatre and film. Key credits include, Director: Arianna Cadeddu, Cast: Rubie Loman.

No Name

By Emily Miller

No Name is an experimental film that explores the rejection and loneliness brought on by an overwhelming feeling of imperfection. Key credits include, Directors: Alex Poscente, Emily Miller, Writer: Alex Poscente, Producers: Alex Poscente, Emily Miller, Editor: Emily Miller, Cast: Emily Miller.

Heart Wounds

By Michelle Ermens

This is an abstract animation which matches the music’s crescendo with colored backgrounds and the shape and size of the main character. Michelle Ermens is from the Netherlands, and studying animation at Massart in Boston.


By Becca Chairin

Release is what happens when frustration builds and anger bursts. What would we do if our emotions were not just abstract concepts but tangible objects? This is a visual representation of what we might do to them. Becca Chairin studies film production at Emerson College but is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. When she’s not working on her own projects, she’s helping out as a crew member on her friends’ short films or producing live music recordings for the website, Sound of Boston. Key credits include, Actors: Camila Zagarzazu, Ashley Lachant, Peyton Dix.


By Jewel Greenberg

Flashbacks from a woman’s career keep her trapped in her own home. Jewel Greenberg is an actor and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. As a filmmaker, her short films have played in festivals in the the US and Australia. As an actor, you can see her as a recurring news reporter on ABC’s “Scandal”, and in the upcoming independent films “96 Souls” and “Jilted”. She can also be heard narrating books on Audible. Key credits include, Camera Operator: Christopher Stoneley.

What it Was

By Rebeccah Pope

A nostalgic glimpse into the small world of two people spiraling out of love. Inspired by Gazebo by Raymond Carver. Rebeccah Pope is a filmmaker from Upstate New York. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2013 with a BFA in Film. Rebeccah’s work is often personal and captures an authenticity that resonates to viewers with refreshing originality. Her short personal documentary, The Mother In Me, was included in the Short Film Corner at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Rebeccah currently works in Rochester, NY as a video editor. Key credits include, Producer: Scott J. Klein, Production Assistant: Pamela Rapp.

Those Days Have Passed

By Niklas Rhodes

A married man, finds himself lost in his own town.  Niklas Rhodes, is a director/cinematographer from Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Operating out of the city of Boston, Niklas works on films all over the North East United States. Key credits include, Producer: David Dunn, Niklas Rhodes, Cast: David Dunn, Emily Glazier and Josh Morash.

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