The Fatales

By Aleks Rastovic


An homage to femme fatales in various cinematic eras through the eyes of a student turned studio exec. Key credits include, Director: Aleks Rastovic, Cinematography: Travis Marshall, Johnny Jutierrez, First Assistant Camera: Rachel Kivlahan, Producer: Aleks Rastovic, Kadriva Gizatullina, Crystal Hatch, Co-Producer: Tamar Baker, PA: Jackson DeLoach, Saira Karim, Makeup: Robert Bryan, Garret Garvais, Hair: Jennifer Melissa Baker, Stylist: Lisa Bae at TheRex, Special Thanks: William McDonald, Rory Kelly, Sandra Lawton, Rand Soares, Albert Malvaez, On the Mark Rentals, LA Models, Sony Property.


By Silvia Lara


Two men race against one another in free-running style towards an undisclosed location; we are unaware of what they are competing for, but ultimately, each is met with an unexpected surprise. Key credits include, Director: Silvia Lara, Director of Photography: Moses Navarro, Producer: Maggie Galle, First Assistant Director: Crystal Haltch, First Assistant Camera: Shawn Semana, Editor: Iman Ahad, Cast: Austin Gall, Von Simmons, Sydney Olson, Special Thanks: Bill Barminski, Paul Nájera, Mike DeLeo, Jonathan Jerald and UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television.

Blue Disquietude

By Courtney Ware

A woman struggles against the fears and social anxieties that she can’t escape. This film features music composed by of Dallas native, Margaret Barrett, entitled A Specific Time. Key credits include, Director: Courtney Ware, Writer: Courtney Ware, Director of Photography: Jake Wilganowski Cast: Tiffany McAnarney.

Arvo Pärt Said

By Azedeh Navai & Trey Gilmore

This piece became an exploration of energy. How energy exists in the immediate and how ripples of energy will move through space for an endless amount of time. It also ponders how life fits into the equation of eternally moving universal energy. Key credits include, Directors: Azadeh Navai, Trey Gilmore, Choreography and Lead Dancer: Jonathan Bryant, Videography: Azadeh Navai, Jackie Aldern, Editor: Azadeh Navai, Jackie Aldern, Lighting Design: Alexander Freer, Custom Design: Yoniy Olshan.


By Jonathan Meyer

The cold is unforgiving. Cold is the first part of the trilogy, Fahrenheit, that contemplates temperature in its literal terms and as an emotional state. It is a narrative film told through cinematographic imagery set to the music, Cantus in Memoriam of Benjamin Britten. Key credits include, Director: Jonathan Meyer, Writer: Laura Long, Producers: Emily Long, Laura Long, Jonathan Meyer, Cast: Laura Long, Emily Long, Krista Shorupski, Jessica Osegueda.

Above the Clouds

By Jonathan Keijser

While the city sleeps, Jorge Millan walks above the skyline to provide for his family. Key credits include, Director: Jonathan Keijser, Editor: Jonathan Keijser, Producers: Daniel Beresh, Haley Geier, Cast: Jorge Millan.


By Ezra Lunel

“Muse” explores the intersection of falling in love, heartbreak and artistic inspiration from the perspective of a young man coming into his own as an artist. Key credits include, Director: Ezra Lunel, Special Thanks: Student Film!, Plunge, O-Negative.

Davie’s Woods

By Zac Titus

A man must cover his tracks, after doing the unthinkable. Director’s statement: “With only 5 minutes to showcase this film, I knew that every moment had to be filled and move forward on this journey of musical collaboration. From the first time I heard this music, I had images flooding my mind.” Key credits include, Director, Writer, Producer, Cast: Zac Titus.

Vivaah Karna

By Christine Chen

Taking a trip around the world to a special family event, this film reveals beauty in a crowded urban life and close relationships. Key Credits include, Director: Christine Chen, Writer: Christine Chen, Producer: Christine Chen, Cast: Suma Nagmote, Shreyas Ramalingam, Christine Chen.

El sudor de mi fuente

By Emmanuel Ramos-Barajas

El Sudor de mi Frente (The Sweat of my Brow) is an homage to physical labor; an exploration of what can be defined as a performance, and how we can morph that definition to include a wider range of human experiences. Key credits include, Director: Emmanuel Ramos-Barajas, Producer: Abdram Cerda, Director of Photography: Marvin Zhu.


By Zoe Kraft

A girl struggling with depression, slips out of her clothes before retiring to bed. The clothes are representations of the thoughts she strips in order to sleep. They are parts of her, that get left behind as she gives in to her illness. Key credits include: Director: Zoe Kraft, Cast: Ariana Kraft.

Afternoon Pavane

By Jewel Greenberg

Two young girls journey through an afternoon, finding adventure in their local park. Inspired by the motion in Fauré’s Pavane, Op. 50. Key credits include, Director: Jewel Greenberg, Scenic Artist: Kate Preusser.

Because the House Was Cold

By Justin Jones, Kevin Hurley, Aaron Levine

A winter-time journey with cutaways to a painter at work. Key credits include, Directors: Justin Jones, Kevin Hurley, Aaron Levine.

Dream of Dance

By Jolie Oliver

Dreams and reality blur when Kay finds a coupon for a free dance lesson in her mailbox. To redeem the coupon’s promise, Kay must find a way to unlock her life and take a chance. Key credits include, Director: Jolie Oliver, Writer: John Giblin, Producers: Trudy Forbes, Crystal Garrett, Ruby Hinds, John MacKane, Jolie Oliver, Sasha Snyder, Cast: Maria DelBagno, Ruby Hinds, Manuel Urrego.

The Last Spring

By Montana Brock

A collection of winter-time urban images from downtown Dallas, created by a student of Booker T. Washington High School. Key credits include, Director: Montana Brock, Cast: Mac Guice.

Face Down

Zoe Kraft

A sophomore at DePaul University studying digital cinema edits to music, portraying an artist working to music by Edward Elgar. The combination of visual images with sound can be so powerful. Key credits include, Director: Zoe Kraft, Cast: Bethani Randolph.

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