Awards & Prizes


$500 Best Picture Award

Awarded by vote of our jury panel of industry professionals. The winner is announced at the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s Sight of Sound screening.

$500 Audience Favorite Award

Awarded by vote of our audience members via text, immediately following the screenings. The winner will be announced from stage, prior to the announcement of the jury’s choice for Best Picture.

Professional Orchestral Recording

All finalists will have their films dubbed to the concert soundtrack as professionally recorded by the Dallas Chamber Symphony, and will gain complimentary license to distribute this recording for non-commercial purposes.

Additional Awards and Opportunities

Winning and Finalist pieces will be screened at the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s season finale, accompanied live by a professional orchestra, thusly…

Winners and Finalists will have the opportunity for critical reviews of their works in numerous arts publications, as DCS concerts are reviewed by important media organizations.

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