About Sight of Sound

S ight of Sound is an annual event that challenges filmmakers to create short silent films that are set to and inspired by classical music, much like Disney’s Fantasia, yet inclusive of live-action films. Competitive entries are reviewed and selected by a jury of filmmakers, and the most outstanding films are screened in concert, with the Dallas Chamber Symphony performing the soundtrack live-to-film. Select filmmakers are also eligible for monetary prizes and license to use the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s recorded concert audio in their films.

See Sample Films and Last Year’s Official Selection.

Reversing the Process

Traditionally, filmmakers create their films with the expectation of adding a soundtrack in post-production. They might enlist the services of a film composer to write an original score for their film, or acquire licenses to dub existing musical recordings to their film to enhance the action on screen.

Sight of Sound explores the reversal of this cinematic process. It is the first and only contest of its kind in the world, that asks filmmakers to create a visual work of art designed to serve and enhance the drama of a musical score. Sight of Sound is about finding ways to cinematize music, tell amazing stories, and breathe new life into some of classical music’s greatest masterpieces.

Getting Started

Filmmakers may either submit a film for accompaniment with one of the competition’s pre-approved Music Selections or enter a Wild Card submission to a piece of their choosing. Wild Card submissions require prior approval, so please consult the competition guidelines before submitting one.

Films can be narrative, abstract, animation, live action, etc., as a diverse variety of formats and interpretations are welcome. The most successful entries tend to be those films that are three to ten minutes in duration and which exhibit a strong interplay between sound and picture. Filmmakers should consult the Competition Guidelines for more information before submitting a film.

See Rules & Guidelines, Wild Card Guidelines, Dates & Deadlines.

Richard McKay Conducts Sight of Sound Dallas Chamber Symphony

Concert photos by permission of the Dallas Chamber Symphony, Richard McKay, conductor. Production photos from Muse by Ezra Lunel (Semifinalist 2015).

Enter A Film

  • Choose

    Browse the Music Selections to find a piece that speaks to you. Or, use a piece of music you already know as a Wild Card Entry.

  • Create

    Let your imagination run wild as you create a new film, designed to be paired with music.

  • Submit

    Submit your film for review by our all-star jury panel, whose top picks will be invited to attend the Sight of Sound concert screening.

  • Attend

    Join the Dallas Chamber Symphony as it performs live-to-film for all of this year's Finalists.

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